Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog post 5

Technology and Learning
After reading Dr. Mcleods blog post "Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff", I was amazed. His creativity in his message was great. He had an attention grabber from the beginning which was his title. I thought when I first began to read his post that he was totally against technology in the classrooms. He is basically telling us the risk factors to look out for when it comes to giving children the opportunity to use computers. I absolutely agree with what he had to say. These are the reason's why we need to teach our children so they will be aware and knowledgeable about computers. He knows where our society is going with computers and our children need to be ahead of time so they will be able to adapt to technology as it becomes more advance.
Dr. Mcleod is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. He also is the Founding Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education which is the nation’s only academic center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators. He was a co-creator of a very popular video series called, Did You Know? (Shift Happens). He has received numerous national awards for his technology leadership work, including recognition from the cable industry, Phi Delta Kappa, the National School Boards Association, and the Center for Digital Education. Source

Travis Allen's videos about iSchool Initiative is a really good idea to help fix some of the problems in education today. I believe that this should be embraced by all teachers with limitations. I don't think that we should be completely mobile or computer dependent because I believe books and certain things are still critical to learning. I believe Travis has come up with a helpful solution. I think that this is something educator should consider because our children are being born into a technical society and should be able to use the available technologies as needed.
I do believe that there is a way to incorporate mobile devices into education since this is the number one device that most children have access to on a daily bases. I also believe that education does need to be re evaluated so that the technologies we know today will help learning become more interactive. There is some reasoning behind the financial part of it. Like Travis stated it could be less expensive but, when you think about the monthly bill say maybe $50 to $65 per month that can add up. I think it could be a little more costly than he stated in his video. There should be more research about this to see if it could really benefit our children. Maybe there could be group test run that would give the possibility more validity.
Virtual Choir conducted by Eric Whiteacre
Eric Whiteacres creativity, being able to put these people together virtually, was amazing! The sound of the voices was mesmerizing, I got goose bumps when the video first started. The voices were amazing and sync perfectly. I believe the use of the computer in this way was great. I do think that sometimes physical interaction is important, but virtually worked perfectly in this case.

Don't Entertain But, Engage
After watching the Prezi Presentation by Kevin Roberts, His meaning of teaching in the 21st century is to engage students. I also gathered that because technology is becoming more evident we as educators need to become more tech-knowledgeable so that we can show our children the things to look out for when using the internet. He made some great points in his presentation. I do believe that this can have a profound affect on me as a teacher because as he stated we would almost become obsolete. I don't believe educators will ever become obsolete because in my opinion the internet and cyberspace is not always correct. The computers don't have a brain. They display what is put into them. I don't want to become obsolete as an educator so, I will adjust to the changes and gather the skills needed to be successful as technology evolves throughout education.

Project #13

Project #13 Collaboration Summary


     Our group consisted of James Dunnam, Tina Smith and myself LaShunda Barnes. We collaborated on projects 15 and 16. In our collaborations we communicated via Skype until we figured out that we all couldn't Skype at one time because we didn't have premium accounts. We utilized Google Chat, Facebook Chat and Facebook Video Chat and GMail. Tina and I was in search of a way to get all three of us on a video chat at same time so we tried Ovoo but couldn't get it to work. On project 15 we had to come up with a lesson plan and demonstrate our lesson on the Smartboard. This was a different type of collaboration because we were required to have no face to face contact. We met via Google chat and constantly emailed each other.
     Our project 16 went a little more smoother because we were able to meet in person. We brained stormed to come up with a creative video for our final project(16). We wanted to display our creativity and what we had learned in Edm310. We all were willing to share our ideas with one another. We were able to include my daughter, Lauryn , who was in both projects; a special touch. She did a great job! I edited both videos which took a lot of work but, I did it! I enjoyed working with Tina and James and look forward to keeping in contact with them.

Finally with any collaboration comes the challenge of being able to meet whether it be virtually or face to face but, with sacrifice a willingness we all were able to meet the challenge. 

Blog post #14

Final Project 16

Monday, April 30, 2012

Final Report Project 10

Personal Learning Network


I look forward to learning new ideas and sharing my ideas with fellow educators. I decided Symbaloo was the best PLN set up for me. I have added some of the teachers that I had to comment on for my C4T's. I enjoyed creating this because I no longer have to book mark websites I may want to visit again or adding websites to my favorites. These resources are right at my fingertips. I will continue to add more people and educational resources that I will use in my classroom. Symbaloo will help me stay organized along with all my resources. In the end this not only helps me stay organized but encourages time management and gives me the opportunity to enhance my network. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post 13

no technology

No Technology For 24 hours Challenge
            This was a very hard challenge for me. I never thought it would have been so difficult to refrain from using Facebook, my computer, cell phone and other electronics. In this assignment I realized that I had a habit of going on Facebook at least once a day. I did have one day that I didn't even attempt to get on and that was Thursday, April 26, 2012. I was very busy that day and just didn't get around to go on Facebook. I really thought this was a great challenge and meaningful assignment because it showed me just how dependent I am on technology. I was unable to refrain from actually watching television because my daughter is a television fanatic! She is six years old and loves watching the Disney Channel. I found my self in the vicinity of the television even when I wasn't actually watching it. Secondly, the almighty cell phone, I always get calls on my cell phone. This is how most people contact me. If it wasn't my husband Roosevelt, mom, Linda , dad J.R. II and brother J.R. III or friends Tracy and Joshua there were business calls coming through that I had to answer. My mom, dad and brother have cell phones as their only means of verbal communication. Another hold back in the no technology challenge for me was the fact that we are at the end of the semester so there were a lot of different assignments that required me to use my computer and internet. This may not have been a hold back if this assignment was given earlier in the semester. Unfortunately, I never did accomplish the challenge of "No Technology For 24 Hours".
            Reflecting on my future classroom and students, this assignment proves that as an educator in today's society,I must embrace technology in my classroom. If I had a problem not using electronics such as the computer, cell phone etc. and most children have adapted to using these electronics often, I feel my students could benefit if I use these same items as educational resources in my classroom. I believe the use of technology will enhance my ability to engage my students while learning. I look forward to embracing technology in my classroom because it gives teaching and learning a new meaning!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Progress Report On Final Project

My group consists of myself, Tina Smith and James Dunnham. We haven't decided on a final project yet. We haven't discussed it because we have been so focused on the Smart board Project 15. I think I have an idea but I don't want to share just yet because I have not had a chance to share with my group members.

C4K Summary #4

Hello, Billy

I was assigned your blog for C4K in my EDM310 class. I never heard of a book called "The Hunger Games". I would like to know the author's name. I think you should post a little more information about the story. I will be commenting on your blog over the next few weeks. If you have any questions please message me at

Hi Billy,
I’m glad you posted the name of the Author. I didn’t think about it last week but, may be you can post a picture of the title cover too. I look forward to hearing about your favorite part of the book.
Keep up the good work!
Hello Sifa, I really wish I could have heard more about your Easter Egg. I'm glad you liked it. I like the fact that your teacher allowed you to share your beautiful Easter Egg with me. Keep up the good work Sifa! 


C4T #4 Mr. Delp

 On Mr. Delp Blog I stated I am a EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. I can say that I too can relate to you about time management. Since taking EDM310 I have learned that my time management is of the up most importance. I am learning to take control of my time and become better organized. I can see how the different apps can help make my life a little bit more organized. Mr. Delp I believe the information you have shared in this blog will broaden my horizon on the different apps that are available. Dr. Strange actually uses Google Docs with our classes. I believe this does cut down tremendously on paper use. I also believe it helps people become a little more tech savvy. There are several apps I had never used until taking EDM310. I would say one of my favorites so far that I used was Prezi. I believe Prezi is a great way to allow me to use my creativity and share information with my students. Here is the link to my Prezi presentation Please check it out and let me know what you think!

In the second blog I read of Mr. Delp he was talking about New Years Resolutions. 
 I have never made a New Years resolution. I have always heard people say they do this, but I never really saw the purpose of it. I feel like I'm either going to do something or i'm not. I know I have somethings about me that come naturally and some that don't. 

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts Special Post #12A


I do believe that the the schools in the United States destroy creativity and curiosity because they have these standards that each student is to meet. I believe by not challenging students to share ideas and experiences, the system is holding children back from the creative potential that everyone has. I think a curriculum can be developed that increases curiosity. I believe education and learning is the light to an array of many opportunities. I believe a teachers actions can increase curiosity in students. One action would be to motivate them to be all they can be.I think what would help me become more creative is being able to hear different ideas from students and teachers about technology in the classrooms. This would allow me the background knowledge to know what may and may not work with my students.

Blog #12

Skype Interview Using Skype In The Classroom
Skype in the classroom number of countries registered, people with accounts etc

After researching a little about Skype I found out that Skype actually has a set up for teachers and students to be able to connect with each other and gather resources from around the world.  Skype In The Classroom is a connection for educators and students. You are able to share links, videos and ideas with each other. 

I decided to create an assignment where we would have a blog post about a Skype Interview done using Skype In The Class Room. This would be done by creating a pool of  teachers from around the world who have Skype In The Classroom accounts. Assign each EDM 310 student two teachers to interview. The EDM 310 student would have a set of questions to ask each assigned teacher. The questions are as follow:

Do you embrace technology learning in your classroom ?

How does technology in the classroom enhance the learning experience for your students?

Do you believe mobile phones should or should not be used in the classrooms and why ?

What resources do you use to incorporate technology into your classroom?

After Skype In The Classroom Interview with your assigned teachers, write a summary of the details discussed. Compare and contrast the views of each teacher. Give your opinion about the feedback they gave. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post 11

Ms. Cassidy Video Chats With Dr. Strange and EDM310 Students
video chat of dr.strange and ms. cassidy
I enjoyed watching the video chat
between Ms. Cassidy and Dr. Strange. I would have really enjoyed witnessing this interaction in person. I think Dr. Strange did a really good job interviewing Ms. Cassidy. He asked some good questions and she gave great responses. I like the idea of giving children the opportunity to blog. This is a good way to get my students involved in technology. I would like for each of my students to establish a blog. I would set up several things we would blog about. I anticipate the benefits would allow my students to share their thoughts without a right or wrong answer. It could encourage parental involvement and teacher student interaction with my students. I do believe that every household may not have internet access or even a computer so that my students may blog from home. In this case I would set a side a day of the week for my children who haven't blogged from home to blog in class or the computer lab. This would allow the students who don't have access to their blog from home, the opportunity to still participate in the blogging assignments. I want to empower my students so that they can be the best that they can be. I believe this technique encourages and leads my students to explore more. The realm of learning is broader than could have ever been imagined. I look forward to introducing different ideas and ways of learning to my students.

Listening to Ms. Cassidy, I realize that this is a journey that I have chosen to embark on so, I need to make the best of it. I am beginning to realize there is a need for encouragement, a need for empowerment, a desire to educate and a desire to share and learn. Dr. Strange and Ms. Cassidy are great assets to my PLN.

Project #13 Smartboard Instructions

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blog post 10

Educator vs. Teacher

educate to innovate
I enjoyed the video Educator vs. Teacher .
I chose to go into education because I feel this is my way of being able to contribute to society. I want to be able to share the knowledge I have with the students I come into contact with. I believe the little things are what can carry our young people a long way such as, respect and being enlighten about different things in life. I would love to show children, who are less fortunate, how they can be productive citizens. Values and morals all have an affect on being a productive citizen in our world. I want to encourage, enlighten and inspire children. I would say these few facts lead me to be an educator. 

Education is more than just giving children information as to how to do a particular type of math, reading, or other type of learning lesson. I think being an educator broadens the horizon that we have to work with. There is always something to share with the students, when you are an educator, because the resources are unlimited. I have learned in EDM310 that I don't have to just use books to educate my students. There is a large array of options in how I educate them. I look forward to utilizing everything that I have learned. I want to leave lasting impressions on my students. I want them to know the basics needed in life to be successful and its not just what the books have to offer.  

Tim Johnson's Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home!

In this blog post Don't Let Them Take The Pencils Home by Tim Johnson, the one thing that stood out to me is the fact that the counselor was willing to rely on a journal article that really didn't specifically apply to her student body. She was willing to just let them take the drill and kill tests, which are known to lead to failure. I think Tim Johnson sharing his thoughts in this matter were very important. He basically believes that something so simple as a pencil can be used to teach children other skills. Using pencils engages a students creativity. The counselor was only focused on standard testing which only benefits the school really. I believe like Mr. Johnson, that there are several different levels of learning and when standardized tests are put in place limits are placed on learning.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

C4K Summary #3

Patrick's Blog Post "The Disaster"
    I would like some of my peers in EDM310 to visit Patrick's Blog by clicking the link above. Leave him a comment. I really thought his blog post was great. I enjoyed the drama and irony he created in the story. I mentioned that there were quite a few grammatical errors and that he may want to revises those but, for the most part his story was excellent. I literally couldn't stop reading it. I look forward to seeing more of Patrick's work. His blog is one I will visit periodically to see if he has posted any more stories.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4T Summary #3

 Mrs. Krebs Blog     She has a writing assignment that is a part of the Young Writers Program that I believe is very beneficial to her eigth graders because writing and language are essential skills needed to express their ideas. Mrs. Kreb has incorporated this into her curriculum. She believe that by having this assignment there are several skills this assignment influences. The writing assignment teaches the students to believe in their self, recognize their own creativity and follow their dreams. These are all important facts because it makes a person who they are not what someone may want them to be. I believe this is a excellent assignment for eight graders because it encourages so many other skills like communication, comprehension and the ability to explore their inner most thoughts and ideas.

Mrs. Krebs second blog was about Genius Hour. She utilitiez this by allowing the students to be creative and share ideas. I thought this was an excellent way for Mrs. Krebs to engage her students and encourage them to do something that they have been wanting to do. 

Blog post 9

Mr. Joe McClung
be positive teach listen to students

Mr. McClung's first year of teaching blog post was really interesting. He learned a lot of valuable information in his first year of teaching. He learned that he had to listen to his students, be positive, communicate, be reasonable, never stop learning and don't be afraid of technology. I thought this was really a lot he learned in the first year. These are all things that we may not have necessarily take into consideration when deciding to become a teacher. I think it is very important for us to never stop learning because this allows us to continue to grow and evolve as  an educator. Mr. McClung states that communication is needed because it makes it possible to solve problems and errors that have or could have happened. He said being positive is needed because their will be times that the plan a teacher sets out on may not go has planned and we must be willing and able to figure out a solution. He discuss being reasonable with our students. He talks about how teachers sometime set high standards that all students won't accomplish and that teachers must be willing to uplift and motivate students to try again if they fail.

Mr. McClung's third year of teaching  In this blog post Mr. McClung emphasizes on several things that are important to him such as; don't get comfortable, don't be afraid to be an outsider and don't expect others to be as excited about change as you may be. All of these are good points he made. We as people sometimes can find ourselves trying to please people in general. He says the main focus should always be the students and their learning process and progress. I believe if I follow all of these important rules of thumb he have given, I can be a well rounded teacher. If teachers become comfortable, I do believe that they can become less effective with their students. I believe change is good when it comes to education. I realize that change must take place in order for our students to continue learning.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog post 8

"The Big Question"

Dr. Miller's "This Is How We Dream"

Dr. Richard Miller made some great points about learning in society today in his video “This Is How We Dream Part 1”. He speaks about the advantages that come with learning today. He speaks about being able to share knowledge infinitely. He is basically explaining to skeptics why virtual learning is becoming the new way of learning. I thought he made some valid points. The advantages of online learning and collaboration go far beyond my expectations. He tells us all the possibilities of sharing and learning from people all around the world. I thought this video had some valuable information to share. Dr. Miller was very informative.

In his video titled “This Is How We Dream Part 2”, he speaks about using the web to reach new and far horizons. He said the speed of information being processed and shared is extraordinary. In this video he discusses Collaborative Learning, Creativity and Sharing. He informs us as to how technology is taking a new shape in education. The sky is the limit when it comes to writing. He speaks about this new way of writing and getting this new way to be approved by the university. He wants to push ideas to the front of our culture. He says we are not only able to share our ideas on word processor but, we are able to visually share our ideas through the web. He speaks about needing inspiring teachers and resources to get his idea off the ground.

I’m not yet prepared to write with multimedia but, I do think once I have had a little more experience I will be able to teach my students how to write using multimedia and be proficient myself.

Carly Pugh, "EDM310 For Dummies", "Change to Learn,Learn to Change"

I watched Carly’s video and thought it was a great example of using multimedia to relay a message. I thought she did great in choosing her pictures for her ideas. She had a great message for all to read. I really appreciate her post because there are so many things I got out of watching her video. It was motivating, informing and interesting just to name a few. I think she came up with an interesting assignment for students, so that we can get a better idea as to how to use multimedia for writing.

Edm310 For Dummies was an attention grabber! These ladies were hilarious. They had great humor. There message was to provide the details of all the useful resources to help EDM310 students be successful in the class. I must agree, EDM310 does have me crazy but, its a journey I wouldn't trade for the world.

After watching the video about Learn to Change, Change to Learning, I have a better understanding about incorporating technology into our school systems. I think the ideas displayed in this video really have valid points to changing our focuses in education. I too believe that the Standardized Testing is a thing of the past. We need change and it begins with incorporating computers into our children's day to day learning environments. Like one gentleman stated " The children today are using cell phones, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, we need to exercise the use of these areas so that our children are more willing to learn and explore the different opportunities that the web can offer. The people in the video share a common goal which is to help children evolve so that they are prepared for college and what the future has to offer. I enjoyed every idea that was shared and I look forward to the change that is to come.

The Scavenger Hunt

1. Google Docs. I chose Google Docs because this is really a great tool for me to use as a mediator between the parent and student. Google Docs offers so many good characteristics. You can edit documents, send messages, share information and etc using this program. It doesn't matter the type of computer you have (PC vs. Mac) because both of these have access to Google and the program can be downloaded easily. I think this would be a great program for me to use with my students and parents because we can share information in real time. Google Docs puts writing a note to the teacher or parent to shame and the best thing is, it's FREE!

2. SlidesShare is very beneficial in more than a few ways. This application allows the user to upload previously saved presentations, such as, PowerPoint and Open Office so that they can be shared with others. It has search option that allows the user to see other slides based on any particular topic. Last but not least Slide Share has the option for a person to link their presentation to Linkedin which is a business oriented social network. This allows employers to view a slide that you have made discussing your qualities as an employee.
3. Create Poll

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Blog post #4

podcast symbol

Beginning with Ms. Tolisano, "Podcasting With 1st Graders", I was amazed at the skills a podcast influences. I do understand how it encourages speaking,listening, oral fluency, comprehension and so forth. I believe this is an activity every teacher should include in there classroom. The children were excited about what they were doing. Doing the podcast on the story they read encourage them to interact with each other and share their thoughts and ideas. This is a new way of learning compared to the traditional way. I know if these 1st graders can do a podcast then my group will be fine.

Judy Scharf gives a clear definition for podcast. I never new what term meant exactly. I had my assumption and I was close. I watched a video that was uploaded to You Tube titled " How To Create A Podcast" In this tutorial the narrator gives several resources for completing a podcast. This video was helpful in knowing what applications to use, such as Audacity, when creating a podcast.

Now as for the podcast that Melinda Miller and Scott Elias did, I thought the discussion approach was great. I believe it could be easier to do a audio podcast because you can share what you have to say with out being on the camera. I thought this podcast went really smooth. Melinda and Scott did a great job being able to discuss their topic "The Practical Principals".

All the pod casts had something different to share that let me know there's not just one way to approach a podcast. There are several options to doing one. I think pod casts are interesting because they allow us to share our ideas and thoughts with people all around the world.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project #10 PLN

My Personal Learning Network
People networking around the world
When I first saw this assignment I was very unsure but, after a little research I realized that a Personal Learning Network is just a easy way to keep my favorite websites, blogs, emails and etc. organized at my finger tips. My progress on my PLN is a diamond in the ruff. I chose to use Symbaloo to get started on my PLN. Symbaloo is not hard to use at all once you get an understanding of what to do. I enjoy commenting and posting blogs about the people whose blog's I have come into contact with. I look forward to meeting people all over the world that have the same interest as me, providing a quality learning experience. I want to do this for all the children that I come into contact with as their teacher. I want to share different ideas and techniques so that I can be a great educator. I can't wait until I have a flourishing PLN. I am on the right track, thanks to Dr. Strange.
I never thought that I was so ignorant to computer technology and virtual learning. I thought all there was to virtual learning was online classes for college and day to day web browsing and so forth. Again Thanks to Dr. Strange and being a student in EDM310 my horizon is broader. This is a learning experience I will never forget because I have learned so much in such a short time and I'm still learning.

Prezi Project 9b

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog post 6

Dr. Randy Pausch Last Lecture
opportunity knocked

            Dr. Randy Pausch Last Lecture was very motivating. Here is a link to his video Randy Pausch Last Lecture. I hope anybody that reads my blog will check out his video. You may find something that can help you too. He spoke about several things that lead to his success as an educator. He really had a lot to share concerning his accomplishments in life and how this could also help others. He started out by letting us know he wasn’t going to talk about cancer, religion and his wife and children. He gave his final reflection on his life in this video. There are several things that stood out in which he talked about. They are as follow: Setting specific goals, Help others, Accept criticism as a stepping stool towards your goals, and taking advantage of learning opportunities.
              In the beginning of the video he starts out talking about his childhood dreams. One of them specifically he talked about was his dream to be an NFL player. He lets us know he never made it to the NFL but, he had a coach as a child who would ride his back so much during practice. He said after one particular practice an assistant coach pulled him to the side and told him in so many words the reason that Coach Graham was on him was because he cared. He said the assistant coach told him that if you don’t have anyone to tell you, you can do better then, you’re in big trouble. He said he carried this with him throughout his life. Setting goals are very important. When we set specific goals we have something to look forward to. I believe it is very important to instill this in children because if they don’t have goals set they will be more apt to fail due to peer pressure and all of the other obstacles that can arise.
              Helping others was also discussed in Dr. Pausch’s video. When you help others you have no other choice but for good to follow. I feel as an educator you are constantly helping others, children. However, we can do more than help children; we can help each other be better educators. I feel being able to listen to someone share an experience with you will allow you to dissect what they learned and maybe use towards your own goals. We can never learn too much. We must be able to accept criticism. Accepting criticism shows maturity and intelligence. When someone criticizes us we   may not like what they had to say or how they said it but, we need to be able to understand how it can help us achieve our goals. We can teach our children by sharing our positive ideas with them. This can be encouraging such as Dr. Pausch lectures for us. Helping others is a tool most people prefer not to use, but this only leads them to a miserable life of unhappiness or difficulty.
              Last but not least, he talked about taking advantage of learning opportunities. There is a huge pool of learning opportunities throughout the World. We just have to be willing to find them or help others find them. I can relate to this because I feel the EDM310 class I’m in right now with Dr. Strange is a learning opportunity. He lays out the foundation and it’s up to us to receive the information he provides. I understand now why he says “No Burp Back Education”. There’s not just the fact that a lot of information is poured into the brain and expected to be put back out verbatim but also, the fact that there are so many different ways to learning. We all can learn different things from this course. The values Dr. Pausch explains in his lecture can help anybody be what they set out to be. It can help them be one of the best at what they become. I believe Dr. Pausch is an excellent example of finding your purpose in life, accomplishing specific goals and helping others.

Blog post 7

The Networked Student

The networked student video by Wendy Drexeler's student was interesting. The questions is asked, why does a Networked Student need a teacher? There are several answers to this question. I will discuss a few in this post which are, learning how to take advantage of learning opportunities, guidance and last but not least how to virtually communicate effectively.

It is of great value that we try to learn as much as we can being Networked Students in EDM310. I know without Dr. Strange, I would be totally lost with no sense of direction. The guidelines that are set by him in the beginning of the class seem to be very overwhelming but, just to think if I didn't have the information he provides, I don't know what I would do. I have learned so much about computers since being in his class. Before taking his class if someone told me to create a blog, I wouldn't have began to know where to start. I also believe that every assignment I do is a learning experience literally because I have a chance to review different opinions and ideas by other people from around the world. This has enabled me to learn essential skills needed to communicate my ideas about different subjects.

The second reason a Networked Student would need a teacher is so they can have guidance. Guidance is very important. Once you receive the proper tools to do the things needed to accomplish a goal, you can always apply what you have learned to other situations. Most people probably never think about how guidance affects their future or the outcome of a situation. Guidance also allows us to be intellectually inclined. Without guidance most people react with emotions versus logic. Educators because of guidance are able to guide children and teach them properly if they have been guided and taught properly.

The last but not least reason we need a teacher as Networked Students is, so we learn how to virtually communicate effectively. There are some of us that barely communicate effectively on paper or verbally so it can be even harder to communicate virtually. There is certain terminology used when communicating virtually. Just an example "Add ALT and TITLE Modifiers". I wouldn't have known what this meant if it wasn't explained to me before I had to apply it. I'm not only becoming more technologically inclined. I'm receiving different learning opportunities and guidance towards my professional career as a teacher and last but not least, I'm learning how to better communicate virtually,

C4T Summary #2

Mr Schimmer's Blog was really different from any blog I have come across so far. I listened to his audio podcast and he hit a lot of good points about leadership. I think what he had to say was a valuable source for all professionals. Mr. Schimmer brings leadership to the for front because it is important. I believe leadership is very important. A good leader is also a good receiver. This enables a good leader to be willing to accept new ideas and thoughts from others. There are a lot of people that don't have this capability. I really enjoyed Mr. Schimmer's podcast on leadership.

I like the analogy Mr. Schimmer uses to compare implementing a plan to driving at night. He came up with the perfect analogy to express his idea! There have been many times in my life that I have made plans for something and either an unforeseen circumstance occurred that I didn't see coming or I couldn't see the positive outcome before hand because there wasn't enough concrete information to base the outcome on. This brings me to believe that life is about taking chances and we have to be willing to go through obstacles and sometimes changes to get to where we are trying to go.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

C4K Summary #2

comical children sitting on blocks

Melissa I think you made some really good points about technology. I have taken a few online classes and they can be overwhelming at times. If you make sure you follow the directions given by the professor you will be just fine. As she stated in her blog taking online classes allow us to communicate with others. We are able to see things from different aspects and perspectives because everyone is required to post. I think online classes are great. I too wasn’t technology savvy when I entered Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. His class is very different from any online classes I have taken. I can honestly say the projects and assignments we do are all new experiences for me. This class will broaden by horizon on technology and allow me to learn how technology can be used with students in my classroom.

Brenden was a student
I read Brenden's post about Skyping to New Orleans. I wanted to know who did he get a chance to watch dance? I also wanted to know what type of information did he get from Skyping to New Orleans. I gather from his post that they gave him information about the levees in New Orleans and how they broke during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Brenden's blog was really confusing for me to comment on because there wasn't much he talked about in his blog post.