Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog post 1

My name is LaShunda.I am a loving mother of a beautiful six year old daughter and a loving wife to my husband. My hobbies are fishing and spending time with my family. I transferred from Bishop State Community College and I am pursuing an Elementary Education Degree at the University of South Alabama.This is my first semester. My purposes for pursuing an Elementary Education Degree are I believe that this is my way of giving back to children who maybe less fortunate and do not have parents that are willing to teach them and I also believe teaching will allow me to set an educational foundation in young children which will help them become successful adults. I am very excited and determine to learn the essential tools needed in order to be an effective and wonderful teacher.

Dr. Pausch's Video on Time Management

This video was very informative in my opinion because he basically gives us the needed steps in order to complete assignments and other tasks throughout our life. The most important fact for me was setting short and long term goals so that, I can complete assignments efficiently and on time.


  1. Welcome to EDM 310! I hope that you will find the class interesting and engaging. Don't forget to contact the help line of you need help.

    Stephen Akins

    1. Thanks for reaching out Stephen, will do!

  2. I love fishing, too, and your reason for teaching is very noble. There are not enough good teachers out there, and I believe this class will help us all be better teachers than we would be without it. The time management video was also very helpful to me because of the short and long term goals that he talked about. Our checklist is very helpful for that because it tells us what we have due in the week (short term goals) and what we should be working on (long term goals). I also liked how he mentioned making plans now, and if you have to change them later, at least you already have them to change. I'm a real procrastinator so I needed the motivation from his video to get motivated and excited about this class.