Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog post 2

  Did You Know ? 
english worldwide

                   I am beginning to see very early in EDM 310 that there is so much to understand about Education. Education effects every part of the world. I found Dr. Strange's video titled, "Did you know ?" ,very informative. There were a couple of facts he discussed in the video that stood out to me. One of them is the fact that the English Language in a few years from now will be the first language being used amongst every culture. This lets me know I really need to begin using proper English. If I'm going to be teaching some of these children who have learned English as a second language, I need to be able to teach them proper grammar and structure.
         I also thought it was great how Dr. Strange showed the statistics for people using computers and cell phones. I believe the cell phone has really caused damage to the English language with all the short wording that most people type when they send a text message. I will begin to use correct spelling when I send a text message. I think this video was important. All Americans need to see these statistics. This information will help me in my journey of becoming an Elementary Teacher. 

Mr. Winkle Wakes

The video on Mr. Winkle Wakes was very neat. I really can relate to Mr. Winkle. EDM 310 has me feeling like Mr. Winkle after he awoke. I now realize that it is very important to stay up to date on the latest technologies. Although I have a couple of computers, there is still a lot I don't know about them. Our schools are becoming more technology friendly and I think keeping up with technology will allow me to communicate better with students. EDM 310 is a challenge but, my plan is to complete EDM 310 and no longer feel like Mr. Winkle.

Sir Ken Robinson   In reviewing the video of Sir Ken Robinson he really opened my eyes to an idea that I never thought about. Education should have a more creative touch. He really places emphasis on creativity and how so many people are being taught that what they are good at is not worth pursuing because it wont gain them financial wealth or a degree. This information was very important because so many people go through school feeling they have no other choice but to go to college when that should not be the case. Sir Robinson actually displays his creative side through the different experiences he shared that made the audience and my self laugh while viewing the video. This video so interesting I kept trying to find a spot to stop at because I was sleepy but, I couldn't stop listening to what he had to say. 
              I think this video should be shown to all people in education so that eventually the way people are taught changes. Children should be able to use both parts of the brain not just the learning side. The creative side of people allows them to express who they are. This in turn would cause more people to pursue careers that focus on what they like to do or feel they are good at, instead of, what degree they think pays the most money.

A Vision for 21st Century Learning
I think one of the main arguments in this short video is that education needs to change so that students can retain what they are learning. Student's shouldn't be subjected to standardized testing. I feel that its a waste of time because most children don't even try on those tests so the results are not completely accurate. I do believe some type of testing should be done to ensure that children are learning what they need to. I like the idea of incorporating mentors instead of teachers doing the burp back learning as Dr. Strange calls it.

Harness Your Students
In the video I thought it was great how the teacher explained clearly her logic behind incorporating technology in her classroom. I also liked how she empowered her students to teach other and her somethings. I think this type of learning  allows students to grasp what they are learning because there more hands on with what they are doing. Also, this type of learning encourages collaborative learning because the students are working with each other. Last but no least, by using the computers these students are introduced to a larger scale of learning because they get a chance to interact with people all over the world so there is literally no limit to their learning.


  1. LaShunda,
    My name is Keeley Bryan, i was assigned to your blog for this weeks C4C assignment. I agreed with what you said about cell phones destroying the way we use the English language on Dr. Strange's "Did You Know" video. Like you,I also felt like Mr. Winkle. I do not view myself as technologically advanced, and that needs to improve for me personally. I really enjoyed your blog post and agree with the things you said in the post. Feel free to take a look at my blog
    keep up the good work,

  2. Hey LaShunda,

    I agree that the use of text messaging has changed the way that many students communicate through writing. But, I believe that telling them that they can't use those "shortcuts" in text messages is wrong. That would be like me telling a student that the way they cut their hair is wrong, and they shouldn't get it cut like that anymore. I know that is a dramatic example, but what is important is students know that there are times when proper grammar is needed, and when they can use the language that they wish. I must say that many of the so called "shortcuts" to words in text messages are very creative and unique.

    Good post LaShunda,

    Don't forget to use links for all of the videos and post you read for the blog post assignments.

    Stephen Akins