Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog post 3

   I thought the video titled Technology in Special Education was interesting. I never would have imagine that Special Education students would be able to adapt to technology in the classroom. Technology can sometimes be difficult to understand but, it seems to help them a great deal. I saw in the video how the computer actually helps some of them communicate where as if this capability didn't exist it would be very hard for some of them to communicate. I believe technology allows them to do things they normally would be able to do. I also believe the use of certain products can relieve the one on one stress factor that can come with teaching Special Education classes. These students are able to work on their own in some cases and I thought that was great.
            If I taught Special Education, in my classroom, I would like to use some type of reader. I would like these products to allow a student to read visually and listen to what they are reading. This would encourage individual ideas and personality. They would allow the students to come to their own understanding of what they have read and it could encourage the student to read more because they don't have to be afraid or embarrassed. Reading disabilities are common in Special Education classes. I believe these students would be more motivated to learn and more willing to because they wouldn't have the added frustration that comes with reading aloud or to someone.

Math Bingo App
The math Bingo App seems to be a good application to use with special needs students. I like the fact that this particular application will allow the students to focus on there specific problem area such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division or they could work on all of them during the same game. Math can sometimes be a tough subject for children. I believe the Math Bingo application would be a good way to make math exciting. It would also keep those who may be easily distracted interested so they stay focused on learning.

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  1. Hello Lashunda,
    My name is Diane Boudreau. I loved reading this blog post. I worked with the Special Education department in my high school, and the incorporation of technology in my last year there made such a profound difference in the students. They learn most by doing not by listening and the simple interaction with the teachers and technology helped them to learn things most people would think was way out of reach for these kids. I looked at the link for math bingo and I think that is a great app that every special education class should have. Thank you for letting me read your blog it was awesome!