Wednesday, February 1, 2012

C4T Summary #1

               Annie Palmer really hit some good points in her blog post titled Breaking Education Barriers. I completely understand what she is saying about teachers awarding "effort" not only the "outcome". I too believe if children are taught and showed that their effort is good that they will continue to push for a good outcome when learning instead of, giving up because they feel that their effort is not good enough. This being the first post of Ms. Palmer that I have read, I thought she did an excellent job at explaining how the concept of awarding effort and not just the outcome also is important in our everyday life. No matter who you are or what your profession is I think everyone can relate to this blog post. 
Breaking Education Barriers Discovery #5 I enjoyed reading about the state and federal mandates that our Department of Education is trying to put in place. I didn’t know that they were actually trying to tie the teachers evaluation to student performance. I’m a little in between the two outcomes. I believe that their should be some type of rule put in place that would motivate not so good teachers to push harder towards their children learning or making passing scores on the standardized tests that are already in place. I think if a teacher follows all the proper guidelines that have been set in place, those teachers won't have a problem with receiving good evaluations if the current mandates are put in place. I look forward to finding out more about this. 
               Ms. Palmer's insight on Education really shows her expertise in what she has learned and experience throughout her educational journey. I found her blogs that I read to be very informative. Before reading her post I knew nothing about barriers pertaining to education. 

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