Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blog post #4

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Beginning with Ms. Tolisano, "Podcasting With 1st Graders", I was amazed at the skills a podcast influences. I do understand how it encourages speaking,listening, oral fluency, comprehension and so forth. I believe this is an activity every teacher should include in there classroom. The children were excited about what they were doing. Doing the podcast on the story they read encourage them to interact with each other and share their thoughts and ideas. This is a new way of learning compared to the traditional way. I know if these 1st graders can do a podcast then my group will be fine.

Judy Scharf gives a clear definition for podcast. I never new what term meant exactly. I had my assumption and I was close. I watched a video that was uploaded to You Tube titled " How To Create A Podcast" In this tutorial the narrator gives several resources for completing a podcast. This video was helpful in knowing what applications to use, such as Audacity, when creating a podcast.

Now as for the podcast that Melinda Miller and Scott Elias did, I thought the discussion approach was great. I believe it could be easier to do a audio podcast because you can share what you have to say with out being on the camera. I thought this podcast went really smooth. Melinda and Scott did a great job being able to discuss their topic "The Practical Principals".

All the pod casts had something different to share that let me know there's not just one way to approach a podcast. There are several options to doing one. I think pod casts are interesting because they allow us to share our ideas and thoughts with people all around the world.

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