Sunday, March 11, 2012

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Dr. Randy Pausch Last Lecture
opportunity knocked

            Dr. Randy Pausch Last Lecture was very motivating. Here is a link to his video Randy Pausch Last Lecture. I hope anybody that reads my blog will check out his video. You may find something that can help you too. He spoke about several things that lead to his success as an educator. He really had a lot to share concerning his accomplishments in life and how this could also help others. He started out by letting us know he wasn’t going to talk about cancer, religion and his wife and children. He gave his final reflection on his life in this video. There are several things that stood out in which he talked about. They are as follow: Setting specific goals, Help others, Accept criticism as a stepping stool towards your goals, and taking advantage of learning opportunities.
              In the beginning of the video he starts out talking about his childhood dreams. One of them specifically he talked about was his dream to be an NFL player. He lets us know he never made it to the NFL but, he had a coach as a child who would ride his back so much during practice. He said after one particular practice an assistant coach pulled him to the side and told him in so many words the reason that Coach Graham was on him was because he cared. He said the assistant coach told him that if you don’t have anyone to tell you, you can do better then, you’re in big trouble. He said he carried this with him throughout his life. Setting goals are very important. When we set specific goals we have something to look forward to. I believe it is very important to instill this in children because if they don’t have goals set they will be more apt to fail due to peer pressure and all of the other obstacles that can arise.
              Helping others was also discussed in Dr. Pausch’s video. When you help others you have no other choice but for good to follow. I feel as an educator you are constantly helping others, children. However, we can do more than help children; we can help each other be better educators. I feel being able to listen to someone share an experience with you will allow you to dissect what they learned and maybe use towards your own goals. We can never learn too much. We must be able to accept criticism. Accepting criticism shows maturity and intelligence. When someone criticizes us we   may not like what they had to say or how they said it but, we need to be able to understand how it can help us achieve our goals. We can teach our children by sharing our positive ideas with them. This can be encouraging such as Dr. Pausch lectures for us. Helping others is a tool most people prefer not to use, but this only leads them to a miserable life of unhappiness or difficulty.
              Last but not least, he talked about taking advantage of learning opportunities. There is a huge pool of learning opportunities throughout the World. We just have to be willing to find them or help others find them. I can relate to this because I feel the EDM310 class I’m in right now with Dr. Strange is a learning opportunity. He lays out the foundation and it’s up to us to receive the information he provides. I understand now why he says “No Burp Back Education”. There’s not just the fact that a lot of information is poured into the brain and expected to be put back out verbatim but also, the fact that there are so many different ways to learning. We all can learn different things from this course. The values Dr. Pausch explains in his lecture can help anybody be what they set out to be. It can help them be one of the best at what they become. I believe Dr. Pausch is an excellent example of finding your purpose in life, accomplishing specific goals and helping others.

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