Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog post 7

The Networked Student

The networked student video by Wendy Drexeler's student was interesting. The questions is asked, why does a Networked Student need a teacher? There are several answers to this question. I will discuss a few in this post which are, learning how to take advantage of learning opportunities, guidance and last but not least how to virtually communicate effectively.

It is of great value that we try to learn as much as we can being Networked Students in EDM310. I know without Dr. Strange, I would be totally lost with no sense of direction. The guidelines that are set by him in the beginning of the class seem to be very overwhelming but, just to think if I didn't have the information he provides, I don't know what I would do. I have learned so much about computers since being in his class. Before taking his class if someone told me to create a blog, I wouldn't have began to know where to start. I also believe that every assignment I do is a learning experience literally because I have a chance to review different opinions and ideas by other people from around the world. This has enabled me to learn essential skills needed to communicate my ideas about different subjects.

The second reason a Networked Student would need a teacher is so they can have guidance. Guidance is very important. Once you receive the proper tools to do the things needed to accomplish a goal, you can always apply what you have learned to other situations. Most people probably never think about how guidance affects their future or the outcome of a situation. Guidance also allows us to be intellectually inclined. Without guidance most people react with emotions versus logic. Educators because of guidance are able to guide children and teach them properly if they have been guided and taught properly.

The last but not least reason we need a teacher as Networked Students is, so we learn how to virtually communicate effectively. There are some of us that barely communicate effectively on paper or verbally so it can be even harder to communicate virtually. There is certain terminology used when communicating virtually. Just an example "Add ALT and TITLE Modifiers". I wouldn't have known what this meant if it wasn't explained to me before I had to apply it. I'm not only becoming more technologically inclined. I'm receiving different learning opportunities and guidance towards my professional career as a teacher and last but not least, I'm learning how to better communicate virtually,


  1. An interesting personalized answer to the question. How soon will you be ready to be a networked teacher? Would you want to be one?

    What about part 2 of this assignment?

  2. Dr. Strange,
    I didn't realize I hadn't done the part of this assignment until you mentioned it. I will fix that. I'm a little undecided if I want to be a networked teacher but, I do know I will have the essential skills to do so once I complete your EDM310 Class.

  3. Hello, LaShunda!
    First, let me say what a wonderful job you did on this blog. Your views are just about the same as mines. I loved how you not only explained the video and its meaning, but you also explained how you are in the same situation by being in EDM 310. I agree with you 100% on how much we have learned just by being in this class. I have learned so much about computers and technology since I've been in this class, also. Just as you stated, just because we learn independently in this class, we still need guidance and I am so very grateful that we have that from Dr. Strange. Like I said earlier in this post, wonderful job and keep it up! :)