Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog post 8

"The Big Question"

Dr. Miller's "This Is How We Dream"

Dr. Richard Miller made some great points about learning in society today in his video “This Is How We Dream Part 1”. He speaks about the advantages that come with learning today. He speaks about being able to share knowledge infinitely. He is basically explaining to skeptics why virtual learning is becoming the new way of learning. I thought he made some valid points. The advantages of online learning and collaboration go far beyond my expectations. He tells us all the possibilities of sharing and learning from people all around the world. I thought this video had some valuable information to share. Dr. Miller was very informative.

In his video titled “This Is How We Dream Part 2”, he speaks about using the web to reach new and far horizons. He said the speed of information being processed and shared is extraordinary. In this video he discusses Collaborative Learning, Creativity and Sharing. He informs us as to how technology is taking a new shape in education. The sky is the limit when it comes to writing. He speaks about this new way of writing and getting this new way to be approved by the university. He wants to push ideas to the front of our culture. He says we are not only able to share our ideas on word processor but, we are able to visually share our ideas through the web. He speaks about needing inspiring teachers and resources to get his idea off the ground.

I’m not yet prepared to write with multimedia but, I do think once I have had a little more experience I will be able to teach my students how to write using multimedia and be proficient myself.

Carly Pugh, "EDM310 For Dummies", "Change to Learn,Learn to Change"

I watched Carly’s video and thought it was a great example of using multimedia to relay a message. I thought she did great in choosing her pictures for her ideas. She had a great message for all to read. I really appreciate her post because there are so many things I got out of watching her video. It was motivating, informing and interesting just to name a few. I think she came up with an interesting assignment for students, so that we can get a better idea as to how to use multimedia for writing.

Edm310 For Dummies was an attention grabber! These ladies were hilarious. They had great humor. There message was to provide the details of all the useful resources to help EDM310 students be successful in the class. I must agree, EDM310 does have me crazy but, its a journey I wouldn't trade for the world.

After watching the video about Learn to Change, Change to Learning, I have a better understanding about incorporating technology into our school systems. I think the ideas displayed in this video really have valid points to changing our focuses in education. I too believe that the Standardized Testing is a thing of the past. We need change and it begins with incorporating computers into our children's day to day learning environments. Like one gentleman stated " The children today are using cell phones, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, we need to exercise the use of these areas so that our children are more willing to learn and explore the different opportunities that the web can offer. The people in the video share a common goal which is to help children evolve so that they are prepared for college and what the future has to offer. I enjoyed every idea that was shared and I look forward to the change that is to come.

The Scavenger Hunt

1. Google Docs. I chose Google Docs because this is really a great tool for me to use as a mediator between the parent and student. Google Docs offers so many good characteristics. You can edit documents, send messages, share information and etc using this program. It doesn't matter the type of computer you have (PC vs. Mac) because both of these have access to Google and the program can be downloaded easily. I think this would be a great program for me to use with my students and parents because we can share information in real time. Google Docs puts writing a note to the teacher or parent to shame and the best thing is, it's FREE!

2. SlidesShare is very beneficial in more than a few ways. This application allows the user to upload previously saved presentations, such as, PowerPoint and Open Office so that they can be shared with others. It has search option that allows the user to see other slides based on any particular topic. Last but not least Slide Share has the option for a person to link their presentation to Linkedin which is a business oriented social network. This allows employers to view a slide that you have made discussing your qualities as an employee.
3. Create Poll


  1. LaShunda,

    It sounds like you learned a lot from this assignment! Be sure to post your projects separately (not with blog assignment posts). I would have liked to have seen some clickable links and a picture as well!

    1. Elizabeth,
      Thanks for pointing out my mistakes because, I did not notice them. I am learning so much in this class. Every assignment I learn something new!

  2. I like your blog post, but I noticed a point where the paragraphs suddenly switched size (under 'Carly Pugh, "EDM310 For Dummies", "Change to Learn,Learn to Change" '), and I was thrown for a moment (I thought you might have been quoting something). So you might take a look at your formatting to make sure it's alright.

    Anyways, I really agree with you about Carly Pugh's blog post. She used those those videos really well, and I had no problem understanding her message. But I really don't think it could be considered "composing with multimedia" (as Miller might put it). After all, there was only one type of media present--video. I think writing with multimedia is a great idea, but not really innovative. After all, websites do this every day about all kinds of topics.

    I participated in your poll, but unfortunately I misspelled "learning." I think that students learn more from collaborative learning, since it gives students a chance to see how other students learn, and they can learn new skills from other students who may have more efficient ways of doing things. What do you think?

    1. Hi Emily,
      I would like to Thank you for telling me that you too could see the change in the font. I noticed it when I first did this blog post but, I couldn't figure out how to get all the text to look the same. I wasn't quoting anything. For my long assignments, I type what I have to say in Word first then past it and edit it in html format. I had an experience where I typed all I had to say in blogger and it hadn't saved what I typed. I was so upset!
      I believe Collaborative Learning is better because the students are able to engage each other, share ideas and give feedback to each other. I must say for myself,It feels good to work with your peers and successfully complete an assignment!