Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project #10 PLN

My Personal Learning Network
People networking around the world
When I first saw this assignment I was very unsure but, after a little research I realized that a Personal Learning Network is just a easy way to keep my favorite websites, blogs, emails and etc. organized at my finger tips. My progress on my PLN is a diamond in the ruff. I chose to use Symbaloo to get started on my PLN. Symbaloo is not hard to use at all once you get an understanding of what to do. I enjoy commenting and posting blogs about the people whose blog's I have come into contact with. I look forward to meeting people all over the world that have the same interest as me, providing a quality learning experience. I want to do this for all the children that I come into contact with as their teacher. I want to share different ideas and techniques so that I can be a great educator. I can't wait until I have a flourishing PLN. I am on the right track, thanks to Dr. Strange.
I never thought that I was so ignorant to computer technology and virtual learning. I thought all there was to virtual learning was online classes for college and day to day web browsing and so forth. Again Thanks to Dr. Strange and being a student in EDM310 my horizon is broader. This is a learning experience I will never forget because I have learned so much in such a short time and I'm still learning.

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