Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Skype Interview Using Skype In The Classroom
Skype in the classroom number of countries registered, people with accounts etc

After researching a little about Skype I found out that Skype actually has a set up for teachers and students to be able to connect with each other and gather resources from around the world.  Skype In The Classroom is a connection for educators and students. You are able to share links, videos and ideas with each other. 

I decided to create an assignment where we would have a blog post about a Skype Interview done using Skype In The Class Room. This would be done by creating a pool of  teachers from around the world who have Skype In The Classroom accounts. Assign each EDM 310 student two teachers to interview. The EDM 310 student would have a set of questions to ask each assigned teacher. The questions are as follow:

Do you embrace technology learning in your classroom ?

How does technology in the classroom enhance the learning experience for your students?

Do you believe mobile phones should or should not be used in the classrooms and why ?

What resources do you use to incorporate technology into your classroom?

After Skype In The Classroom Interview with your assigned teachers, write a summary of the details discussed. Compare and contrast the views of each teacher. Give your opinion about the feedback they gave. 

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  1. Hey LaShunda,

    This is a good idea for another blog post. But, the requirement for this was to make up instructions (which you did) and DO the assignment you made up (which you did not do).

    Stephen Akins