Sunday, April 29, 2012

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No Technology For 24 hours Challenge
            This was a very hard challenge for me. I never thought it would have been so difficult to refrain from using Facebook, my computer, cell phone and other electronics. In this assignment I realized that I had a habit of going on Facebook at least once a day. I did have one day that I didn't even attempt to get on and that was Thursday, April 26, 2012. I was very busy that day and just didn't get around to go on Facebook. I really thought this was a great challenge and meaningful assignment because it showed me just how dependent I am on technology. I was unable to refrain from actually watching television because my daughter is a television fanatic! She is six years old and loves watching the Disney Channel. I found my self in the vicinity of the television even when I wasn't actually watching it. Secondly, the almighty cell phone, I always get calls on my cell phone. This is how most people contact me. If it wasn't my husband Roosevelt, mom, Linda , dad J.R. II and brother J.R. III or friends Tracy and Joshua there were business calls coming through that I had to answer. My mom, dad and brother have cell phones as their only means of verbal communication. Another hold back in the no technology challenge for me was the fact that we are at the end of the semester so there were a lot of different assignments that required me to use my computer and internet. This may not have been a hold back if this assignment was given earlier in the semester. Unfortunately, I never did accomplish the challenge of "No Technology For 24 Hours".
            Reflecting on my future classroom and students, this assignment proves that as an educator in today's society,I must embrace technology in my classroom. If I had a problem not using electronics such as the computer, cell phone etc. and most children have adapted to using these electronics often, I feel my students could benefit if I use these same items as educational resources in my classroom. I believe the use of technology will enhance my ability to engage my students while learning. I look forward to embracing technology in my classroom because it gives teaching and learning a new meaning!

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