Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog post 9

Mr. Joe McClung
be positive teach listen to students

Mr. McClung's first year of teaching blog post was really interesting. He learned a lot of valuable information in his first year of teaching. He learned that he had to listen to his students, be positive, communicate, be reasonable, never stop learning and don't be afraid of technology. I thought this was really a lot he learned in the first year. These are all things that we may not have necessarily take into consideration when deciding to become a teacher. I think it is very important for us to never stop learning because this allows us to continue to grow and evolve as  an educator. Mr. McClung states that communication is needed because it makes it possible to solve problems and errors that have or could have happened. He said being positive is needed because their will be times that the plan a teacher sets out on may not go has planned and we must be willing and able to figure out a solution. He discuss being reasonable with our students. He talks about how teachers sometime set high standards that all students won't accomplish and that teachers must be willing to uplift and motivate students to try again if they fail.

Mr. McClung's third year of teaching  In this blog post Mr. McClung emphasizes on several things that are important to him such as; don't get comfortable, don't be afraid to be an outsider and don't expect others to be as excited about change as you may be. All of these are good points he made. We as people sometimes can find ourselves trying to please people in general. He says the main focus should always be the students and their learning process and progress. I believe if I follow all of these important rules of thumb he have given, I can be a well rounded teacher. If teachers become comfortable, I do believe that they can become less effective with their students. I believe change is good when it comes to education. I realize that change must take place in order for our students to continue learning.


  1. Hi LaShunda! You did a good job of summing up Mr. McClung's two reflection posts and saying how you felt about each of them. I believe too, that if we follow the advise he has given us, along with a few more, that we will be well-rounded teachers, ready to lead our students to success. I also agree that we have to be comfortable with change because our world is constantly evolving. If we want our students to continue learning and get as much out of their education as possible, then change must take place. Thanks for sharing your post!

  2. LaShunda,

    So glad to see the links and picture with alt and title modifiers! Good job! It sounds like you really found Mr. McClung's blog posts inspiring.