Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4T Summary #3

 Mrs. Krebs Blog     She has a writing assignment that is a part of the Young Writers Program that I believe is very beneficial to her eigth graders because writing and language are essential skills needed to express their ideas. Mrs. Kreb has incorporated this into her curriculum. She believe that by having this assignment there are several skills this assignment influences. The writing assignment teaches the students to believe in their self, recognize their own creativity and follow their dreams. These are all important facts because it makes a person who they are not what someone may want them to be. I believe this is a excellent assignment for eight graders because it encourages so many other skills like communication, comprehension and the ability to explore their inner most thoughts and ideas.

Mrs. Krebs second blog was about Genius Hour. She utilitiez this by allowing the students to be creative and share ideas. I thought this was an excellent way for Mrs. Krebs to engage her students and encourage them to do something that they have been wanting to do. 

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