Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts Special Post #12A


I do believe that the the schools in the United States destroy creativity and curiosity because they have these standards that each student is to meet. I believe by not challenging students to share ideas and experiences, the system is holding children back from the creative potential that everyone has. I think a curriculum can be developed that increases curiosity. I believe education and learning is the light to an array of many opportunities. I believe a teachers actions can increase curiosity in students. One action would be to motivate them to be all they can be.I think what would help me become more creative is being able to hear different ideas from students and teachers about technology in the classrooms. This would allow me the background knowledge to know what may and may not work with my students.

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  1. "One action would be to motivate them to be all they can be." How do you do that? One semester wrote (for this assignment) "We know exactly how much effort we have to put into a class to get the grade we want. When we seem less "creative," it is not that we cannot be creative or curious. In elementary school, we want to learn for the sake of learning, but as we move up the ladder, we have more social responsibilities. The work for school also keeps piling up. By the time we reach college, we realize that our lives will be so much easier if we can weed out tasks that are unnecessary. Contrary to what some teachers think, most people have other things they would rather do than sit around and philosophize all day. Yes, we do the minimum, but I say that this behavior is adaptive. If we did every school task to the maximum, we couldn't get a higher grade than an "A," and we would lose all social communication. We have to communicate with others. It makes us healthier as individuals. We can't just sit at a computer all day (most of us).

    What can teachers do to fix this "slacker behavior?" Nothing really. No matter what kind of work we have given to us, we are going to figure out how much effort we have to put into it. That is a survival instinct. The only suggestion I can give to teachers and to myself is to give less work."

    Back to my original question: How do you motivate students to do their best/ Or do you agree that it is an impossible task?

    What about you and curiosity and creativity?