Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project #13

Project #13 Collaboration Summary


     Our group consisted of James Dunnam, Tina Smith and myself LaShunda Barnes. We collaborated on projects 15 and 16. In our collaborations we communicated via Skype until we figured out that we all couldn't Skype at one time because we didn't have premium accounts. We utilized Google Chat, Facebook Chat and Facebook Video Chat and GMail. Tina and I was in search of a way to get all three of us on a video chat at same time so we tried Ovoo but couldn't get it to work. On project 15 we had to come up with a lesson plan and demonstrate our lesson on the Smartboard. This was a different type of collaboration because we were required to have no face to face contact. We met via Google chat and constantly emailed each other.
     Our project 16 went a little more smoother because we were able to meet in person. We brained stormed to come up with a creative video for our final project(16). We wanted to display our creativity and what we had learned in Edm310. We all were willing to share our ideas with one another. We were able to include my daughter, Lauryn , who was in both projects; a special touch. She did a great job! I edited both videos which took a lot of work but, I did it! I enjoyed working with Tina and James and look forward to keeping in contact with them.

Finally with any collaboration comes the challenge of being able to meet whether it be virtually or face to face but, with sacrifice a willingness we all were able to meet the challenge. 

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